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Cooling water thermocouples Type K Class 1 acc. IEC 584-3

To determine the temperature of the cooling water in the automotive sector, has Electronic Sensor two versions of a cooling water thermocouple for temperatures form -50 up to + 200 °C (+ 400 °C) developed. In this case the thermocouple type K, J, L, T is arbitrary.

Version A is a cooling water thermocouple type K, for the hose assembly.
It is available for the hose diameter 18, 30, 32, 34 and 36 mm. The left and right attachment of T-brass piece can be made via hose clamps.

The B version is designed for a quick measurement in the vehicle. The thermocouple with a hardened tip is pushed through the radiator hose and secured with cable ties through U-bracket to the coolant hose. After measurement, the thermocouple tip is withdrawn from the tube. The tube seals the puncture site from either itself (depending on tube wall thickness), or issealed by an adhesive tape. 

Time consuming Draining and Refilling the Cooling Water System account. The installation length of X and nominal length of Y, can be selected freely. 

Version A

Temperature: - 50 up to 200 °C / Material: brass / Connection: welded and pressure tight solder

Order code: Version A
T-Hose connection / Tube-Ø
K-MTE-MS 18-12-18/3m
M18-12-18 / 18 mm
K-MTE-MS 30-12-30/3m
M30-12-30 / 30 mm
K-MTE-MS 32-12-32/3m
M32-12-32 / 32 mm
K-MTE-MS 34-12-34/3m
M34-12-34 / 34 mm
K-MTE-MS 36-12-36/3m
M36-12-36 / 36 mm

Version B

Temperature: - 50 up to 400 °C

Order code: Version B
U-bracket / Tube-Ø
K-TE 15/X/Y/U-Winkel/085/2KTST33/3m
any installation length and nominal length

Lengths x and y please specify when ordering the B version!

Cooling water thermocouple, screw, 1/2", Type K, Class 1 acc. IEC 584-3

Cooling water thermocouple with cable, Type K, Class 1 to IEC 584-3 is designed for the temperature range from - 50 to + 200 °C. The thermocouple has a removable T-hose connection in brass (heavy duty) and for different tube inner diameter available on request. The thermocouple is welded and soldered watertight. The thermal conduction type K, class 1 is 3 meters with free connection ends.

An assembly with strain relief and thermal connector is available on request.

Order code: Cooling water MTE/MS 20-12-20 /3m (screw design)
- 50 up to + 200 °C
T-Hose connection
M 20-12-20, brass
Tube inner-Ø
20 mm
welded and soldered watertight
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