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Temperature measuring instrument F 54-2, 2-channel

 The rugged and portable Fluke 50 Series II Thermometers offer high accuracy with fast response for rapid understanding of the readings and to represet trends. You have the choice between 2 models (1- F 53-2 and 2-channell F54-2).

500 data points can be stored in the internal memory and the recall function just checked on the display. This is supported by user-defined recording intervals. A real time clock is used to detect the exact time of day at which an event occurs.

The accuracy is, for example at a temperature of:

  • 100 °C ±   0,35 °C
  • 1000 °C ±   0,80 °C

This high accuracy laboratory is unique for a portable handheld device.

K, J, N, S, R, E, T
Measuring uncertainty:
two inputs compensated
Measuring range:
± (0,05% v. measuring value + 0,3 °C)
-250 up to +1767 °C (depending on thermocouple type)
Differential operation:
0,1 °C 1000 °C
Offset adjustment:
T1 - T2
Dual display with backlight
Min-/ Max-/ Hold–setting, Averaging
External properties:
Splashproof, dustproof
Battery life:
app. 1000 hours (sleep-mode)
400 g
3 years
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