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Surface resistance thermometer Pt 100 A

Surface resistance thermometer Pt 100 A, 4-wire to German Institute for Standardization DIN EN 60751, measuring point 2,0 x 2,3 mm, linked with brass hollow screw M 8x1 free rotary

Order code : Surface-Pt 100 A/ M 8x1 / 4 Cu TT 32 / 2 m
Sensor class
Thermo cable
4 x 0,22 mm², Teflon red-red/ white-white
Teflon, diameter approx. 3,2 mm
Cable length
2 m
Temperature range
40 up to + 180 °C
Measuring point
2,0 x 2,3 mm
free ends - if requested with plug
screw M 8x1

Surfaces-PT100 self-adhesive

To measure exact surface temperatures on different components without editing the component, the self-adhesive surface resistance thermometers are very suitable. The PT100 chips are embedded between a Kapton foil and a glass fiber reinforced polymer. Through the self-adhesive backing makes installation quick and easy. The surface resistance thermometers are available at Electronic Sensor 2-wire or4-wire connection with different copper access lines.

Order code: Surface-Pt 100 self-adhesive
Sensor class
A / B
Dimension mm
12 x 18 x 0,3
Coat / Insulation
Cable length m
2 m
Temperature range
- 40 up to + 200 °C
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