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Standard compression fittings for thermocouple and Pt100

The compression fittings are designed for the following pressures and temperatures:

  • with Teflon-clamp cone for pressures of 25, 6, 1 bar and temperature of 20, 200, 220 °C
  • with special-steel clamp cone for pressures of 140, 80, 1 bar and temperature of 20, 350, 1000 °C
  • with brass-clamp cone for pressures of 60, 30, 1 bar and temperature of 20, 250, 600 °C

The base plate and the screw nut are made of 1.4305/V2A. The clamp cone can also be supplied individually and are interchangeable. Within the scope of supply we provide with every screw connecting set one clamp cone. With M 8 x 1 the screw-in thread is normal standard. The width across flat SW 10, as much for the screw nut as well as for the base plate, means that only just one wrench will be required. The screw nut (SW10) is provided with an M 8 x 0.75 fine thread so as to meter the clamping torque precisely. For sheathing-thermocouple with Ø 0.5 mm only a brass or a Teflon clamp cone can be used ,a special steel-clamp cone would damage/respectively destroy the sheathing.

Complete srew connections

Clamp cone: teflon = (T), brass = (M) or special steel = (E)

Order code
Ø mm
SG-05 T / M
0,5 mm
SG-10 T / M / E
1,0 mm
SG-15 T / M / E
1,5 mm
SG-20 T / M / E
2,0 mm
SG-30 T / M / E
3,0 mm

The order codes for the single clamp cone are in accordance with the order codes given here:
(clamp cone can only be supplied in a pack of ten pieces)

Clamp cone: teflon = (T), brass = (M) or special steel = (E)

Order Code
 10er-Pack Klemmkegel
ST-05 / SM-05
0,5 mm
ST-10 / SM-10 / SE-10
1,0 mm
ST-15 / SM-15 / SE-15
1,5 mm
ST-20 / SM-20 / SE-20
2,0 mm
ST-30 / SM-30 / SE-30
3,0 mm

For SW8 applies:
ST 05, 10, 15, 20
SM 05, 10, 15, 20

= with additional entry 1/16"

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