Pt100 - Resistance thermometer with ring eyelet / with screw, metric

Technical Data:

Pt 100, Category A/B according to DIN EN 60 751
Connective line:
Copper (Cu) -line, shielded, 4 x 0,22 qmm, 3- or 4- lead conductor possible
Cable length:
2 m (other lengths possible)
Test prod:
upon request electrically insulated from eyelet and screw respectively,
heat transmission by way of thermoconducting paste
Operating temperature:      
- 20 up to + 200 °C
with ring eyelet:
Material: Copper (whitened)
         M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 
with 4 Cu TST 35
  (4- lead conductor)
with screw:
Material: steel (zinced/ galvanized)
with 3 Cu TT 26
  (3-lead conductor)
with 4 Cu TT 26
  (4-lead conductor)
                       M8, M10, M12  
with 4 Cu TST 35
  (4-lead conductor)
Order code
 Ø / Material 
 Connecting cable
 Temp. range 
 R-Pt100B M X/4CuTST35 /2m 
 Pt 100 B 
 with ring eyelet
 X=M5 up to M12 
 2 m 
 - 20 up to + 250 ºC 
 S-Pt100B M X /4CuT…… /2m 
 Pt 100 B 
 with screw
 X=M5 up to M12 
 2 m 
 - 20 up to + 180 ºC