Standard panels and Mounted couplings (Standard thermocouple connector)

Panels P-n SRF.K or J:

Front plate 2,5 mm thick, aluminum coated and labeled with numbers,
complete with standard thermal-fitting couplings or SRFP.K with J
M4 countersunk Screws and nuts.




Order code
External dimensions
Number of measuring circuits
P-6 SRF.K (horizontally)
146 x 67 mm
P-12 SRF.K (horizontally)
260 x 67 mm
P-24 SRF.K (horizontally)
260 x 115 mm
P-30 SRF.K (horizontally)
375 x 115 mm


Mounted couplings

Order code
SRFP.K Standard mounting connector for panels
SRFER.K Standard mounting connector (round)
SRFE.K Standard mounting connector (rectangular)
SRFES.K Standard mounting connector with screws (rectangular)
SR Montagebausatz
Needed for SRFER.K (2.) and SRFE.K (3.)