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Magnetic thermocouple 450°C Type K Class 1 acc. IEC 584-3

To measure the surface temperature of metallic or magnetic surfaces and on ferromagnetic materials, without editing the component mechanically or destroy, the magnetic surface thermocouple is particularly well suited.

There are surface measurements up to 450 °C possible. The magnet with a reinforced high magnetic holding force (20 Kp at - 50 to + 550 °C) is self-adhesive on metal surfaces. The AlNiCo magnet, an aluminum-nickel-cobalt-iron alloy, is a special magnetic material. Because of the high flux density and superior temperature stability, Alnico magnets are used in many different areas. The spring-loaded probe with copper plate (7 mm diameter) is connected to the thermal conduction type K, in the measuring surface is electrically connected to the thermocouple. The connecting cable is provided with the free (bare) ends. An assembly  with strain relief and thermal connector is available on request.

Dimensional magnetic:
see table
Magnetic temperature applications:
-50 °C up to +550 ºC
A = 20 Kp / B = 9,8 Kp (measured with a spring balance)
leads 2 x 0,22 qmm, insulated with fiberglass braid shielding outside, a green tracer cable temperature applications till 450 ºC, cablelength 2 m, free (bare) ends, type K (by DIN EN 60 584)
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