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CAN Temperature measurement Box with 8 channels

CAN Measurement box with 8 temperature channels type K (Ni-Cr-Ni)
Thermal material, Type K, of IEC 584-3, isolated channels
Housing dimensions:
95 x 108 x 32 mm (LxWxH)
8 pieces Temperature Type K and 2 pieces CAN with Lemo or 1 pieces USB
Data resolution:
16 Bit
Operating voltage:
9…50 V bei CAN-Version 4,9…5,5 V USB-Version
Temperature measurement accuracy:
+/- 2 K
Voltage accuracy:
+/- 0,1 % of measuring range
Order No. Type Housing dimensions Attachments Interfaces
CAN - Thermo Cabel Box 8-paired K 95 x 108 x 32 (L x W x H) CAN Cabel X / USB Cabel X 1: with CAN and 1,4 sec Update 2: with CAN and 0,7 sec Update USB: pure USB and 1,4 sec Update

X = the cable length, please specify in m

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